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A Table That Goes On for Miles

Stefania Heim


Table Cover

Praise for A Table That Goes On for Miles from Gatewood Prize Judge Brenda Shaughnessy

Heim's statements, phrases, and clauses can be quite short, curt, making us leap distances in our thought process to get to the next one. But in using this direct route she allows us to travel far. And she reveals so much of herself, of her brilliance, by letting us find it for ourselves.

From Wayne Koestenbaum

Stefania Heim's poems are treasurehouses of carved thought: she is actually thinking, word by word, line by line, and her argument's currents seem to etch patterns in the syntax, like wall carvings made by a delicate and ethical hand. Everything here is transparency, lightness&emdash;illuminations sifted through a mind willing to be unsettled by experience's injurious data. Reading these phenomenal and profoundly philosophical poems, I think of still lives by Giorgio Morandi&emdash;careful, enigmatic arrangements of the ordinary. Heim's acoustic elegance places her in the front ranks of those who pursue the plainspoken sublime.

From Elizabeth Willis

Stefania Heim's magical Table is full of transformative generosities. Its mysterious world is "wildly kind." These poems delight in the shapes of our boundedness even as they consider the infinite. They celebrate the transitory, the uncanny, the evanescent properties of mind. In the film adaptation of this dream of a book, we are in the woods, but we're not lost. Stefania says, "What a strange thing a house is." Yes, I say, we are having the same dream. In the dream we are waking up.